Maze Qore Arena – Multiplayer Update [Version 0.6]


The new 0.6 update for Maze Qore Arena is now available!

In this update, we have been hard at work to deliver a new game mode, and several more new levels!

Yellow Sector – Fahrenheit
Red Sector – Peer Pressure
Dream Sector – Cloud Nine
Grey Sector – The Killing Floor


  • New game mode: Jail Bait.
  • New map: Yellow Sector – Fahrenheit.
  • New map: Red Sector – Peer Pressure.
  • New map: Quarantine Zone – Doctor Sid’s Lab.
  • New map: Grey Sector – The Killing Floor.
  • New map: Dream Sector – Cloud Nine.
  • Fixed bugs with the audio and multiplayer settings.
  • Fixed bug preventing a match from loading it’s respective settings.
  • Polished the bot AI to perform better with Flag Hustle and Jail Bait.


  • Bot AI is still a WIP; finally playable with Flag Hustle and experimental with Jail Bait.
  • Players may seldom disconnect as the server changes to a new level.
  • Players may be unable to rejoin the same server they were abruptly disconnected from, requiring a restart of the game.
  • Instant Action: Bots have trouble navigating through teleporters, seldom rendering some maps unplayable on certain game modes (Flag Hustle and Jail Bait).
  • Teleporter sounds lack proper attenuation; sounds will still play as if you are close by. For this reason, it is recommended to play Doctor Sid’s Lab and Cloud Nine with at most 4 players/bots to reduce noise spam. Expect a patch soon to remedy this.

After feedback from the team, we decided to alter our plan for the final release and post-support. We will take our chances introducing mod support before early access ends and hope for the best. We may have been looking at this the wrong and realized the potential the game truly has beyond just an action-arena, E-sports-friendly, shooter. We want to make it modular and expand the game with multiple themes to suit the gamer’s preference, somewhat similar to Prison Architect only better. As a spin-off to our main project, we now seek to expand this game outside the confines of a prison, and we will start showing this by the next update version 0.7 with more outdoor levels and another new game mode.

Version 0.8: We will bring two more new game modes, and a handful of game themes (to be discussed when that time comes).

Version 0.9: Bot support should be completed, and mod tools released in beta phase.

End of early access (Version 1.0): Mod tools will leave beta, completing the entire project.

Post release: Possibility of two additional game modes, and a series of holiday events for two years.


I hope you enjoyed this update and thanks for playing Maze Qore Arena!

– Establish. Explore. Expand.

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