Maze Qore is a top-down, squad-based, prison-break, single-player RPG shooter using Unreal Engine 4. You’ve been sentenced to life in a maximum security prison for a crime you did not commit. Luckily, a prison riot has occurred and you finally have a chance to make a break for it. You won’t be able to do it alone, so you must work together with the prisoners in the revolt against the Maze Qore security staff to secure your escape.



– Squad-based combat (mostly what the game revolves around).
– RPG elements that affect the outcome of the game as well as it’s multiple endings (think Fallout, Skyrim, etc.)
– Use the $hop to purchase supplies and upgrade your prison squadron, as well as recruit and customize prisoners of your own.
– TONS of secrets to find – easter eggs, collectibles, secret levels, etc.
– Comical and controversial material and dialogue.
– Mannequins and good ol’ fashioned old-school arcade slaughter.