Introducing Foresight – Progress Update [5/6/21]

We have been hard at work with the new levels and gameplay improvements with Maze Qore Arena, and we wish to demonstrate our latest progress.


Maze Qore Arena is heading into a new direction as we introduce new levels with the Outdoors update. No more chromatic prison maps, more maps taking place outside of the prison and into the world of Asterisk shall take prominence!

Imperial Base

Multiplayer Levels - Imperial Base
WIP - Levels - Imperial Base
Multiplayer Levels - Imperial Base
WIP - Levels - Imperial Base
WIP - Levels - Imperial Base
WIP - Levels - Imperial Base
WIP - Levels - Imperial Base

Our first multiplayer level from the outdoors is finally complete and playable! No more fighting within the interior, chromatic, confines of a max-security prison. Now the entire world is your arena! Fight through many places around the world of Asterisk! We will be releasing a hand-full of outdoor levels arriving to Version 0.7. The Imperial base is only the first of them.

Desert Ville

WIP - Levels - Desert Ville [Marketplace]
WIP - Levels - Desert Ville [Museums]
WIP - Levels - Desert Ville [Museums]
WIP - Levels - Desert Ville [Museums]
WIP - Levels - Desert Ville [Taverns]

A medium town with plenty of places to go (and with an interactable environment)! This is also the very first level in the game to be designed for up to 64 players.


Our initiative feature for play testing the upcoming version of our game soon before the next version even releases officially. Waiting for a new update to release can be tedious, so we decided to make it more available to access the game within work-in-progress state. This is of course the unfinished version of the update(s), so that also means unstable builds and thus prone to crashes and bugs. Any content in MQA Foresight does not represent the final game. Anything in the builds can be redacted at any time for any reason, but it will give insight of how we’re trying to improve the game.

If you wish to sign up for Foresight, you can do so by requesting access on the Steam page.

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Maze Qore Arena – Progress Update [6/29/20]

Maze Qore Arena – Progress Update [6/29/20] – Upcoming Features

Greetings all! It has been months since Maze Qore Arena entered early access, and we wanted to show you what we have in store for our major update to the game.

Camera View Object Fading (CVOF)

We have been working on CVOF or Camera View Object Fading. This will fade the object to a transparent view whenever a player moves through terrain or structures above them. This also includes ceilings when entering buildings.

This will come very well in handy during gameplay, and will also allow us to expand for better level design.

Online Multiplayer

Another feature we have been working on is online multiplayer and it is far from completion. This has been our ultimate goal for MQA from the very beginning, however we thought it would be best to start off with singleplayer first and give players something to enjoy while we work on polishing, tuning, and finalizing the game with our multiplayer update. The idea was for the singleplayer to serve as a demo of sorts to showcase the core gameplay style and features players can expect when playing the game (subjective to change). We wanted feedback on the direction to understand what we have done right and wrong about the game and what we can do to better it so it will be a fun game to enjoy once it leaves early access – all the more reason it is free to play during early access.

Meanwhile, we are working on network replication and multiplayer game modes as well as user mod support – player sprite editor, and level editor.

By the end of the release, we hope to publish MQ to mobile devices. This was our original intended goal but we underestimated the costs and requisites to distribute our game to iOS or Android store and lack the resources needed to make it happen, so we decided to just go with the standard PC path first, then return to the mobile path later.

The Labyrinth

Did we mention user-mod support? Why yes we did! The Labyrinth is our special plan to make this possible. In addition the the player sprite editor, the labyrinth is a special game mode that allows players to create custom levels to play and distribute with the community.

We are also far from completion with this feature. As modders ourselves, we truly liked what some games have offered for custom user content – Mario Maker, Little Big Planet, TimeSplitters – and we wish to preserve this tradition with Maze Qore Arena. As you may suspect, the Labyrinth is heavily inspired by TimeSplitters’ Mapmaker. Players will also be able to download their levels via save data and upload them on

That is all folks! Subscribe to our social media for updates (you can find them at the bottom of this website).

Got any concerns or feedback to the game or like what we do, join us on Discord.

If you wish to give Maze Qore Arena a try, the game is on Steam E.A. for free.