Characters – Faculty & Staff


Your average security personnel. Prison guards maintain order among the inmates through out the prison facility. Whenever an inmates misbehave they use aggressive tactics to keep them in line. These men are very notorious for abusing their authority and engaging in crooked behavior however, sometimes participating in contests to torture as many inmates as they can, or placing bets on the inmates’ lives to see how long they can survive under harsh conditions.


Since the Great War, military veterans struggled to find work in Amestris. Some would opt to partake in mercenary or contract killing, where as others would be hired by Maze Qore to serve in their private military divisions. Whenever a riot occurs, these men are sent into the fray to terminate any and every feral prisoner and quell the riot. Unlike the guards, these ex-soldiers are exceptionally disciplined and are strictly no-nonsense. They do not play!


These women have been educated and trained to harness and master the powers of The Warp – an ancient, mysterious energy from outer space capable of altering one’s physical and mental state of being, or even reality itself. Such a power is very difficult to obtain and extremely difficult to master, often rendering its users insane; those strong enough to resist the effects are required to undergo mandatory checkups each month, and trials each year by the Imperial Inquisition to determine if they are still in good condition to continue service, discharge them, or in rare cases, deemed “irreconcilably corrupted”, in which they are summarily executed. Maze Qore seeks to hires these finest telepaths throughout Amestris and the rest of the world to join their personnel. They are dispatched to control and subdue any rebellious inmates with their psychic powers, forcing them to behave and fall back in line, or otherwise perish in an brutal, excruciating fate. However rumor has it they play a much more sinister role in Maze Qore prison…


Even the Kyre Order has lent some of their personnel abroad to complete special contractual work, either as special forces and secret police for the Imperium, or protecting the scientists conducting experiments in the Quarantine Zone. These men are mostly veterans of the Great War or Amestrian Civil War, or war criminals of violent and/or sexual nature, whom were ‘lucky’ enough to be ‘given the opportunity’ to join Kyre, or face execution on the spot. For this reason however the staff are notoriously reputable for being sadistic and barbaric to the test subjects and sometimes even the scientists themselves.


Skilled marksmen and stealth agents, most of these men have a career in contract killing or stealth operations during the Amestrian Civil War and even the Great War. They are dispatched to guard the Grey Sector, aka the surface sector as well as prevent specimens or test subjects from escaping the Quarantine Zone. As long as they exist, nothing gets in or out without the administration’s permission. They often use stealth weapons such as the sniper rifle or silenced pistol to eliminate intruders without drawing attention to outsiders. Tourists are required to stay within the “safe zones”. If they enter a restricted area and they are caught by the agents, they disappear.


Born from a royal family as the only daughter and child, Beverly Clinton became spoiled. Contrary to her parents and friends, she found life as a noble rather boring for it lacked excitement. She finally found excitement when she attended the Harlequin College of Psykics. From there she learned to master the powers of the Warp and fell in love with the practice. Right upon her graduation she was enlisted by the Imperium to join one of their psyker divisions during the Great War, where she met and fought alongside Pierre Mott. Her actions in the Drakaan Campaign earned her the rank of Colonel and she and Mott would lead the Imperial Army to found Maze Qore, along Kayla and Rourke. However one notable trait she is famous or infamous for is her promiscuity and peculiar interest in men, earning the alias of one of the Seven deadly sins – Lust. Rumor has it she made out with one of the Drakaani prisoners of war after he punched her. Let’s just say he never woke up again.


The twin nephews of the Warden himself, the co-admins of the Quarantine Zone, an undergound sector used to manufactor dark, twisted, bio-weapons of war, and one of the Kyre Order’s most skilled members. If Jarvo is the brains, Titan is the brawn. They both share a sadistic and insatiable thirst for mannequin experimentation, caring very little of moral implications, so long as they can see results. The twins have built a reputation of ruthlessness and merciless, raiding homes and arresting or slaughtering rebels, and criminals alike. Their actions in the Amestrian Civil War had also earned their uncle’s respect, and thus an invaluable asset to Maze Qore corporation.


A masterful psyker, founder and CEO of the Maze Qore Corporation, and warden of the prison facility. Pierre Mott founded the prison along with Clinton, Rourke, Hamilton, and Peterson. They would later hire the Kenji Twins, pierre’s nephews, as well as Thomas Pyke to join the administration. The Warden generally prefers to keep a level head and a cool mind can be a generous and lenient man, and more importantly to help him control his psychic powers. Some staff and inmates seem to mistake this for weekness. Some of them get teleported into the Warp and never came back. Others meet a worse fate…