Press Kit – Maze Qore Arena

Vertical Game Cover (Background)



Maze Qore Arena is a top-down, bullet hell, old-school, arena-arcade shooter bundled with 36 singleplayer levels of bullet-raining hell, organized into 6 sectors of the entire prison facility. It also comes with 9 multiplayer game modes, the old-school classics with a unique, crude, twist, and a level editor for players wishing to share their own creations throughout the modding community.


  • 8-hour Singleplayer Campaign
  • 36 campaign missions
  • Extras and unlockables
  • 9 Multiplayer game modes
  • Level Editor
  • Sprite Editor
  • support


Maze Qore Arena began as a last resort after our most important project Maze Qore failed to acquire funding and was postponed until further notice. It was suppose to be a mobile game and an iOS exclusive, however we discovered the requirements to submit the game to the Apple Store was in reality too restrictive and tedious to bother, so we opted to try our hand releasing this as a cheap but fun commercial game instead. Our first release attempt failed in 2018 with a whopping zero sales, so after discussion, we decided to pull the game from digital store, improve on it, and try again through Steam instead.

The ultimate goal for MQA is to make a name and a foundation for ourselves. It’s in the business motto.

Establish a fan base,
Explore modding abilities,
Expand an empire.

For we are the Néotl Empire.