You have originally served as a soldier for The Amestrian Empire’s Imperial Army’s 44th Majesty Division, until one fateful night when the Force Commander ordered your division to slaughter an entire village full of innocent and unarmed civilians, particularly because they were deemed “disabled and defective”. You disobeyed orders behind your superior’s back and instead tried to help the civilians evacuate the village. The Imperial Army eventually took notice and discovered your sudden absence and insubordination, and thus branded you a traitor to be hunted down, dead or alive. With the help of the village’s militia, you prepare as your former comrades prepare to attack the village. Despite holding out against the Imperial Army’s forces for very long, your attempts to defend the village ultimately failed. All of the inhabitants – men, women, and children alike – are dead. For disobeying orders, you have been convicted for treason and was sentenced to life imprisonment in the Maze Qore maximum security prison. 12 years have passed since your sentence and your division’s Force Commander has already become the new Fuhrer. You were forced with no choice but to do nothing and cry deeply as the Maze Qore’s prison staff continue to torture, maim, and rape you. Finally, you and the prisoners had enough and plan to escape the prison complex. Suddenly, the alarm triggers and a prison riot occur. One of your fellow prisoners unlocks your cell door and hands you a pistol shortly before he is killed by a prison guard. You quickly fire your pistol on the prison guard, killing him instantly, and steal his assault rifle. Now is your chance to find and regroup with your fellow prisoners, organize, and escape this enormous dungeon-size nightmare populated with millions of prison staff, security bots, and unsuspecting horrors, sparing you absolutely no mercy – only brutality. How long will you survive in this epic, 56-hour, singleplayer campaign?